Control Corporate Information

Control and protect the organization's intellectual property found in contracts, proposals, research, RFPs, financial reports, road maps, customer records and more.

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Cyber Threats

Complement existing cyber security solutions by securing the data found at the file level, no matter where the file resides. Prevent malicious internal or external threats from accessing and extracting confidential data.

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Seamless File Protection

Unlike other solutions in the market, Covertix works seamlessly with your preferred file collaboration and storage platforms. We can protect your data no matter how the files were created, stored and shared. 

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Third Party Collaborators

Maintain full control over third party collaborators and their access to confidential data. Our sticky copy feature ensures copied data will have the same policy and protection as the original files, no matter where the file travels or stored.

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Regulations & Compliance

Control and secure regulated information and provide internal control and information integrity. Report and monitor file usage, providing forensic analysis and audit history.

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