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File Security & Compliance - Anywhere

Covertix SmartCipherâ„¢ solutions protect any type of file, anywhere. Our solutions seamlessly integrate with existing business driven processes and does not require a change to the end user's behavior. Your enterprise IT policy is embedded in the file - at all times. 

Whether you need to secure files internally or with external collaborators, secure attachments, document rights management, or cloud-based file and folder security - SmartCipherâ„¢ has a solution appropriate for your organization. 

Covertix SmartCipher Solutions

File & Cloud Sharing Solution - Protect all files shared in the cloud inside or outside of the organization from any unauthorized viewers (including cloud service providers). 

Compliance Solution - Protect regulated information and provide internal control and information integrity.

Data Loss Preventation Solution - Ensure that data is not lost by embedding tracking capabilities that identifies where a file goes, who accesses it, and where it is used outside of your organization.

Cyber Security Solution - Complement existing cyber security solutions by protecting the actual files, no matter where they reside, so that internal and external threats cannot steal the data. 

Collaboration Solution - Control files shared with collaborators at other companies or with independent contractors. 

Mobility Solution - Share and collaborate on protected files with zero instillation or pre-registration and on any device, anywhere.  

Board Member Solution - Secure highly regulated files shared with board members. Regardless of the receiving device, the files are always protected and never stored locally. 

Intellectual Property Solution - Secure the organizations' intellectual property which include contracts, RFPs, research papers, product specifications, and customer records with internal or external collaborators.


Watch: How simple it is for IT to create a protection policy and employees collaborate on a secure file.

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